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9 Years
Feb 5, 2010
Trenton, Florida
I accidently picked up this "Brown Leghorn" when buying my Light Brahma. I call him "Leghorn" & believe he is a roo but husband states he thinks it's a Dark Brahma. Anyone care to guess?


I would guess that your husband is right
I see no reason from that pic to think he's a roo but I'm not a brahma expert. I do know that they often have an upright stance though, even the pullets.
Being my first time with chickens ... I'm no expert either but I say roo because of the comb like forming on his nose. I'm learning as I go so correction is always welcome. : )

UPDATE: The more I think on what I just wrote after more reading ... way too early to tell on just the nose. I have to be patient. Ugh!!

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Both males & females look the same in their juvenile plumage. They don't diferentiate until after their molt. That looks like a lot of comb for a 5 week old pullet.
They stated when I bought them on Feb 3, they were born on Feb 1. However ... Leghorn is much taller then the rest of my chicks & his tail feathers seem much longer, as does his wing expansion. Then again ... who ever the company was ... they labeled him as being a brown leghorn on the box & they got that wrong.

My Dark Brahmas showed the difference in feathers as soon as they grew them in. The main difference I remember was the breast, the males were black, and the females were penciled. They were the only Brahmas that I could tell what gender they were (as I also have buff, and light) while they were still chicks, the rest I had to wait until they were more matured. Due, to that I would say you have a little girl.
I have kept up on the brahma thread because I have a light brahma. But people have posted dark brahmas at a young age, and I can see the penciling pattern coming in on the females. And others have commented on the black breast feathers for the cockerals.

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