What are different sounds your quail make?


Jul 7, 2018
Niagara Region, Canada
One of the interesting consequences of having the quail in my room is that I get to hear all these different sounds they make.

Every night one of the hens makes a loud piercing noise, which I'm pretty sure is her "hey I'm fertile sound."

They make a lot of soft clucking noises.

There is the cricket call of assorted loudnesses that seem to be them calling to one another.

My boy still hasn't crowed but I feel like it might be coming.

I would love to hear from others about the different sounds their quail make and what they mean. :)


May 1, 2018
Boise, ID
My Coop
My Coop
Mine "cricket" to each other every day, roos and hens both, typically as it's getting dark. I think it's a call for reassurance: "Hey, where are you?" and "Here I am!"

The boys crowed the second they were mature, and the girls made a somewhat-distressing "shrill firework" call before they laid their eggs.

They make these cute little tweeting sounds when they're digging and foraging.

A few of the hens make a strange "Oi oi" noise when I try to turn over their favorite patch of damp bedding (they love bathing in the decomposing grass/leaves, I think it's a territorial sound).

Last one I've heard distinctly is what I can only describe as an "angry" call. Right after I culled my last round of roos, one of my older roos jumped at me when I came to the door, making a loud open-mouthed call that unsettled the other quail. I think he knew I'd killed the new boys. :hit


May 1, 2018
Boise, ID
My Coop
My Coop
Your quail didn't know for certain that you killed the other quail. They aren't that smart. It's possible he was aware that you removed the other quail and was interpreting you as a threat, though.

Thanks, I hope so.

Do you ever get them making these almost cooing noises, like one might associate with pigeons?

Sometimes, at night before they bed down.

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This is my favorite thing about keeping quail... the sweet noises. Really should record all the sounds. My boys crow and they all make cooing sounds when they are content. They also make “angry” sounds when I do something they don’t like (move a food dish, etc.) that is funny as hell.


Nov 27, 2018
Mine make little coos that i call "bubble noises". That's just how I describe them. I really enjoy listening to them all communicate with each other. None of my bobwhites have started making the "bob-bobwhite" call yet, but I've heard that it's a sweet call. I also sometimes hear the native Valley quail make similar bubble noises, too.


Mar 25, 2018
Portsmouth, UK
I've got 4 girls and they've never had a Roo around them so I don't get any of the 'Im fertile' noises others above mentioned.
They are fairly tame now...know their routine of coming into the house at night and out in their ground cage during the day.
In the house they sleep in the lounge.
When they are settling down I get a soft cooing sound like a quiet pigeon.
Betty sometimes does a noise I can only describe as an alarm call. None of the others make this noise and she stands up really tall to do it. Assume it's a way of warning the flock.
They chirp constantly, quietly like crickets, to each other when they are in the garden and particularly when I'm bringing out snacks.
I get a slightly louder chirp, like a tweeting when the sun has come up and they are waiting to be let out in the morning.

Funny how you get to know the noises of what's normal for your birds.

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