What are my "girls"?


6 Years
Apr 24, 2013
First time Chicken Mama here. I am driving myself insane trying to figure out if my beloved girls are actually girls! They are about 10 weeks (2 1/2 months) old now, and are changing a lot, but when I look online at comparison pictures of the same breeds at approximately the same age they look very different. Sorry for some of the blurry pictures - they move quick!

From what I could see of them they all look like girls to me. We have 10 week olds, too, and there is no confusion as to which is the rooster. Besides the big comb and wattles, he walks around crowing. If you aren't seeing anything like that then you probably have all girls. Girls will start to develop their combs and wattles as they grow, but a rooster pretty much has his by that age.
i would keep my eye on the wyndotte with the splotches of white on the wings and back it looks like it could be a roo to me the rest look like pullets.a better picture of it would help

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