What Are my neighbors having for dinner?

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We're all mad here
11 Years
Jan 13, 2011
Glen, MS
Steak. On the grill. With Shrimp kabobs. Smells very good. I'm glad we all bought it for them. It makes me warm and fuzzy inside knowing that my tax dollars are keeping them better fed than myself while they sit on their butts and breed like rabbits all day. I don't think either of them has ever held a job for more than a month at a time. Ever. And because of the welfare system they can keep right on doing it. It really burns me up.
I think we should completely scrap the entire welfare system. Anyone who needs assistance? Farm. Breed rabbits. That's the solution right there! Anyone who needs assistance, lets give them land in California to breed rabbits on.
It's worse here. The just introduced a PATERNITY BONUS of $1,800. Seriously??

... alone with the maternity bonus of $5000.
Wanna hear my list?

Scrap the baby bonus. For mothers AND fathers.
Get rid of welfare.
Stop wasting our money giving free housing to "undeservers"
...this list goes on. However I will stop there as to not get this topic locked
I am going to go ahead and warn you all now.

Keep it clean, civil and non political.

How long this stays open is up to you. Trolls and flamers will be warned with full points. Just saying.
Here they're trying to get young people who are just too lazy to work off welfare. They're trying to get them into fruit-picking jobs in the hills.
I had to work all day today-would you mind grabbing me one of those steaks, please? I'll take the one that's well done. I paid for it, right?

Even though DH and I both work, that would be a luxury here.

We don't even have a BBQ despite this being the prime country for BBQs...
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