What are rosecomb bantams like?

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  1. What is they like? [​IMG]
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    They are like the rest except.......rosecomb [​IMG]
  3. the rest of what? i need someone with experience here!
  4. Rosecomb bantams are hardy in heat and cold. The roosters can get very aggressive , mine are.
    They are great fliers.
    The hens make good pets.
    They are not usually to broody .I do have a few Rosecomb hens though that are very broody and do hatch and take good care of their chicks .

    Hope this is what you were looking for.

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    I have three. Two cockerels and one pullet. Mine are personable, friendly, curious, talkers, explorers, unafraid, uncontainable, loving. Raised with a call duckling and two bantam RIR cockerels – the five “boys” (duck is a drake) are still a tight group at approx. 9 months old.

    My bantams all live with my large fowl who are over seen by my large Splash Orpington Roo. Rosecomb cockerels are happy to escort any of the large fowl girls around the property (11 acres) and are always on watch for trouble.

    My pullet – Silver Chick – started laying just before Christmas. Her eggs are very, very tiny and she lays an egg for two days then takes a day or two off.

    Doodles (splash) and Smokie Blue (who I believe is a very dark blue)


    Supervising Hannah the Border Collie


    Smokie Blue, Silver Chick and Peepers (call duck)


    Smokie Blue on a 5 foot fence.


    Mine are Hatchery chicks but fantastic for the yard.
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    Our Rosecomb bantam hen has flown up on top of our 2 story house to crow. It sounds like a strangling cat, but she is happy to do it.

    She's a very good flier.

    She "talks" a lot, "meep meep woooooop, ooo-ooo-oooooooey? Woop peep bup?"....

    She went broody last winter and was a very good mother to her 2 chicks.

    She is tiny. She will cuddle up under her daughter chicken for warmth.

    She enjoys a warm bath in the sink, even putting herself in there and "woop? woop?"ing for somebody to do the water thing for her. Blow drying takes a very long time, though.

    She will often fly up on our shoulder or head for companionship. She likes to preen my winter hat, I think maybe she wants a hat?

    7 year old son adds, "what about SHE IS SO CUTE?!"

    10 year old son adds, "she has her own whiny whine, you can definitely tell that it's her, and what she wants"

    Her grand-dad was last year's Illinois State Fair grand champion crower. Maybe all rosecombs are vocal? I don't know.
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    Rosecombs are showy and, when bred to the standard, a rosecomb is a hard breed to not get noticed in the showroom. Mine are a tight knit bunch like Nevada said. Birds of a feather really do stick together when it comes to rosecombs. A RC broody fostered a cochin bantam earlier this year and, when it was old enough to be on its own, was quickly exiled from the flock. That same mother went broody 3 times last year. They are a family unit and other hens and roos will feed the chicks. Hens tend to stay with their youngsters longer assuring them a good start.
    The roos have much personality as they communicate constantly, ready to sound the alarm at a moments notice... even if it is just the neighbor going out to start his car [​IMG] They are excellent foragers and need little feed during the warmer months if left to freerange.
    I think there are few contenders that can match the beauty of a black rosecomb with his beetle green sheen and striking lobes out on the grass... maybe Im a bit biased.

    btw, Im hatching wheaten/blue wheaten rosecombs I purchased from a breeder in AZ. I've never seen one in person before and cannot wait to see them [​IMG]
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    I raise rosecombs & i have one in particular (the first one i ever had=jasper) who is a real hoot. He is 2 yrs old now. I got him at 6mos old and he was who msbear used to refer to as her stocker. he has so much personality it is unreal! very hard to explain. you can talk to him all day long and he will talk back. he used to [​IMG] come when I would call him and so many other things. you really wouldnt understand unless u met him. the man that i once hired to trap coons n such on my property met him n now always asks if how hes doing n if hes ok n has a flock of his own now. rosecombs can be very aggressive towards birds, especially at a young age. i have seen jasper chase down n beat up a full grown rhode island red rooster. i have delwares as well and have still never has a rooster or any chicken for that matter that is not scared to death of him. were talking a couple ounces up against a 10lb rooster or even 2 (yes ive seen this too). he is the most amazing animal ive ever had and i wouldnt part with him if someone offered me a million dollars (well maybe then...but dont tell him that). [​IMG]
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    Nov 14, 2008
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    Well I had a Black rosebomb roo and he was the meanest thing! Thankfully I do NOT have him anymore! But, my friend has a blue rosecomb hen and she is pretty sweet!

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