What are some good free web-hosting sites to use?


11 Years
Mar 17, 2008
Northern NY
I was thinking of making a website just for fun. I've made some in the past but usually delete them. Don't usually have anything to put on one. I do know Yahoo has a free one but I didn't really care for it. Was a pain to use. I also know there is Freewebs which is actually a nice and easy one to use. I might go through them but I wanted to check other ones out cause of different layouts and features other sites offer. Maybe some other members on here might like to start up a free site also besides using the BYC My Page. I'm thinking about making mine about my expierence on the farm.
What kind of site are you looking to build? There are lots of blog sites that are free, if you're looking to on online journal of sorts. I use homesteadblogger.com and my blog link is in my signature. I really like it, it's easy to use, edit, etc. Photos are very easy, you just copy/paste them from photobucket (which is what I like the most, since we post photos for family who don't live near us)

Not really sure what type of site. I love Photobucket. Just mainly want something that would be fun to work on. I'd like to post pictures and information about the farm animals. I might try a blog or journel site. Haven't tried one before.

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