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Aug 4, 2021
Hello! So we recently hatched some eggs that were listed as “surprise eggs”. the white/Grey rooster chick is feathered and doesn’t have any features of a Silkie other than black skin. But his feathers aren’t silkie.. like at all. No fluff, just normal feathers. If he was a polish wouldn’t he have more of a dazzling head floof? There’s a picture of him when he was a little bit younger. His older brother (his name is Dino and he is the brown/black mix) he is fluffy, a Silkie kind of fluffy. But his colours and pattern is so wacky for a Silkie. I havnt heard of that pattern for a Silkie. They both are started to grow some kind of tuffs of fluff and feathers in their head. I honestly have no clue what they are. My best guess is Silkie x something else. I can send another collage of these two and maybe their siblings if it helps 😅


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They definitely have Silkie in them! Beyond that is anyone's guess. Their coloring appears to be paint which is actually pretty common in Silkies! Also, silked feathering is recessive meaning that a Silkie crossed with a standard-feathered bird would give all standard-feathered offspring :) Yours look like the typical Silkie mixes!

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