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11 Years
May 2, 2008
Weymouth, Massachusetts
I have some 24 week old black stars and while most of them will kind of sit when you pet them, there are a couple that squat and pull their wings forwards and kind of lift their butt a little, its almost a position where it looks like they are getting ready to charge or something, but they seem content to let you pet them.
I have heard that if they sit when you pet them they are going to lay soon, but mine have been doing that for a while, but this new position is new.
Any thoughts?
They are squatting to show you that they are submissive to you. That is the position hens take for the Rooster when he's mating them. They think you're their Roo!!
Oh your kidding! These rotten little buggers have never shown anything but disdain for me since I got them, but the last week they have been following me around the yard.
They even come up to my back door sqwaking sometimes, so I come out to see what they want but they all sit and look at me.
I thought it was because they were looking for treats since all my efforts to win them over seemed to fail.
I have a couple of roosters but they are scared to death of these hens.
I had the hens first and then I got the other chickens like a month later but they have never integrated so I have two different flocks.
I let them free range all day but these girls chase the others away from anything they deem fit.
I threw some scratch out for all the chickens the other night and the girls kept chasing off all the others when they tried to get their share, and everytime a rooster saw them bombing towards them, they took off.
I even said to my husband that I can't believe the roosters get bullied by them.

That is funny though, how naive am I?

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