What Are Your Chickens Named After?


Apr 28, 2016
New York
Most of my hens have names that have to do with their color or appearance, but there are a few exceptions.
-I have Rocky, the BA. There is no particular reason behind her name. My then-4-year-old nephew wanted to name her that.
-I had Peppa, also a BA. That name just suited her. IDK why.
-I had Penny, an RIR. She got her name because of her red color.
-I have Maisie, also an RIR. I named her after a big red hen in a book I used to love as a kid.
-I had Oreo, a BR. She got her name because of her color.
-Then I have Marble, also a BR, who got her name from her color too.
-I have two cochin bantams, named Mango and Papaya. They got their names because I thought they were going to be buff, but they are actually either splashed or mottled. They have some buff in them though, so I guess the names still work. :)
-I have an EE named Bunny, because she's an Easter Egger.
-I have another EE named Cheeks because she is extremely cheeky and she has muffs.
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Dec 30, 2018
SC, Low Country
My silkies I give "ie" names: Fluffie,Birdie,Yukie, Minkie, Smokie, Blackie, Brownie etc.

I had a few production hens with my grandma names: Bessie, Hattie,Mamie (I did not think about it but they are "ie" names to!! :lol:

My two Isa browns are Thelma and Louise ( Not to original)

My 5 leghorns I have not named. I intended to name them after white things like Snowball, Cotton, Daisy, Sugar, Salt but I could not really tell them apart so I never got around to it. Maybe since they are grown and I cant see differences I should name the poor dears that I've just been calling the new white chicks. :D🐓


Free Ranging
May 21, 2020
I don't have any themes but my one bird that is named 'after' someone/thing is Ruth Bader Chicksburg, named after the amazing Ruth Bader Ginsburg, may she rest in peace. Ruth was named for the white feathers around her neck that looked like a lacey collar.
My others aren't as good (Tillie, Poppy, and Round Chicken) but I'm hopefully getting more and would like to name one Snoof. We would be getting a splash marans and my brother would like to name it Camo, as in Camouflage because he thinks that the feathers look like that. Some other names I like for chickens are Pants, Socks, Kalamari, Floof, Minty, and Snowball.

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