What brand to feed? For ducks too?

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    May 21, 2010
    Our chickens are about 12-15 weeks now. They started with Nutrena chicken starter/grower. Is Nutrena the "best" brand feed? Also we have 2 ducks, and I'd like to get them the appropriate feed. Here are my choices at the feed store I will be going to
    Seed Factory
    Mallard Creek
    Templeton Feed
    GQF Mfg.
    And I will be getting the crumbles, not starter.?
    This is my first time going to the feed store by my self... sorry [​IMG]
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    all those brands are really close .........some will be medicated so don't give them to the ducks!!! Ducks should get game feed which is a higher protien %.

    as far as chickens go, still keep them on starter until they lay then switch to layer(comes in crumble & pellets).

    I like southern states cause they have no preservatives and have no animal bi products.

    Purina is good but expensive.....................really just ask the feed store person and they can help you out but you just CAN'T give the ducks medicated feed!!! i go for the cheeper bags.
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