What breed am I??


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Sep 4, 2014
We purchased this roo as a day old chick from a straight run of leghorns. He was one of two reds, the other of which did not survive past 2 weeks. The rest of the chicks grew into normal white leghorns while he is very small with feathered feet. He seems to be a good rooster and has fathered 9 healthy chicks so is obviously able to breed the larger hens, but I would like to know what he is!!
Thanks! That fits :)

So I am curious, of the 9 chicks that we have 8 are leghorn and one is Amuricana x with "Bob" here. Thoughts on egg production with these bitties since Cochin have poor lay rate, though both other breeds have a good lay rate? I am considering getting a different roo, while he is very protective of his hens and does a great job helping them forage etc, cochin characteristics were not what I was looking for in my second generation flock
If you're looking for production, you'll probably want to change him out. He's beautiful, and sounds like a nice flock rooster, but Cochins are slower to mature and don't hit a production rate of egg laying. His offspring might be more prone to broodiness, which cuts down on egg production.

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