What breed are my chickens?


5 Years
Nov 6, 2015
Please help! I need help determining what breed my hens are. I have two white chickens with a few black spots on them. I got them from tractor supply but have forgotten what breed they are. Any ideas? The reddish brown hen also came from tractor supply. Her under feathers have a beautiful gray color. She looks similar to the new Hampshire reds I also have, but that's not her breed. All I remember about her was her breed had the word "brown" in it.. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
They just started laying, and I'm trying to determine who is laying which eggs.

20201222_140523.jpg 20201222_140521.jpg Screenshot_20201212-210645_Gallery.jpg 20201222_140638.jpg
The top hen, the red one, is NOT an ISA Brown.
She has a rose comb.
Some hybrid - a Dixie Rainbow?
The bottoms are Whites of some sort, like an California White (more likely then an Austra - where would they get the ginger?
The white are one hundred percent Austra White.
I’ve just never seen an Austra White with that reddish color.
They are a cross between a pure black bird and a pure white bird. Where would they get the (heavy) red?
I see an above post with a pic of one with a creamy chest, but that’s a bit different.

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