What Breed Are My Girls?

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5 Years
Apr 5, 2014
Hi:) I have 8 chicks and two of the are supposedly ameraucanas. My first chick is about 2 weeks, and I've started seeing a unique feature about her. Her coloring of her feathers is the same as the other chicks I've seen on the web, but her feet are green. Is she an Easter Egger or Ameracauna? Or is she both? I've heard a variety of mixed stories about how Ameracaunas ARE NOT Easter Eggers and vise versa.
Also, we got another chick today (because originally we had two silkies, until my black silkie Ravenn died. :( and to fill in her place, we got another chick which died the next morning... And she we got a THIRD chick from the same batch where we got the second.. If that makes sense..) and this chick was from bomgaars. She was mixed with the chipmunk colored "ameracauna" chicks. She's not colored like the rest... Is she an Easter Egger as well? She ha the bearded feature.. I will show you pictures. Any ideas?
My black silkie, Ravenn (RIP)

My second chicks, Marina (RIP)


And my new chick, Tuesday. :)
If you got your chicks from a hatchery or feed store, then they are probably easter eggers. True ameraucanas are very difficult to find. I believe they only lay blue eggs, can only have slate eggs, and only come in certain colors. Easter eggers are generally ameraucanas mixed with another breed to produce blue/green eggs. I think mixing two EEs will also give you pink, white, or brown eggs along with the blue/green. There is no standard for EEs so they come in various shapes and sizes. Some will have muffs and or a beard, either a pea comb, or even a single comb. They also come in different colors. Most people consider them mutts, as they are not a breed, but I find them beautiful anyways
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Ok, thank you. Just this whole debate about the two breeds is very difficult to understand:). I appreciate your reply and I let you know what they look like in the end :)

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