What Breed Are My Packing Peanuts??


10 Years
Jul 30, 2009
I received my Ideal order last Thursday and I was thrilled with my little nn pullets, speckled sussex pullets and my salmon favorelle pullets
I got 7 packing peanuts with the order and I can't figure out the breed. I am hoping someone has some guesses. I was thinking RIR, but not sure if they are dark enough? I probably will be asking this question again next week, since I couldn't help myself and ordered some more NN pullets for this week

Here are the little fuzz balls

Thank you
I was on the same lines, then I was thinking how much darker RIR's are from NHR's. I just looked online again and they look like NHR's more than RIR's? Any thoughts? Sorry to be a pest, I am trying to decide if I am going to keep one of these boys
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NHRs I believe have a lighter but sometimes darker feathers than RIRs. Also RIRs have different patterns than what yours look like.
Do you know that they are all boys?
I agree- they look like RIR or NHR.
I started out ith several RIR, but sold my roo after he was 1 year old. He would jump on your back if you weren't constantly aware of his location. My kids were terrified of him. This doesn't mean that yours would be the same way- but the roos are known to be aggressive on occasion.
My peanuts are 8 weeks old. I called Ideal and packing peanuts are most likely RIR is what I was told.
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Thanks guys
I am pretty sure they are all males since on the packing slip it said males included for warmth and they look nothing like the other breeds I ordered
I don't mind keeping a roo, I currently have two, but I want to make sure its more of a docile breed to better the chance of not being aggressive
They are likely production reds. The RIRs you would get from a hatchery are much lighter than exhibition RIRs and more closely resemble the color of a NHR.
I think LilPeeps is pretty close on this . NH chicks have a little more yellow in the body down. I say Prodution Reds and from my exp. all big red roos. are not aggressive, it depends on how much they are handled. I can feed all of mine out of my hand and can pick them up and handle them. Some more than others but that's part of the deal I'm the one with the food. I'm not saying there's not bad ones out there, but that's with any breed just some more than others.

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