What Breed are these little ladies?


10 Years
Sep 23, 2012
Lakeland, Florida
I have been working a little with a breeder and I also get some of my chicks from her. I am fairly new, and I was told the first one is a sex link, the second is a silkie but what else is she mixed with? (I have a black and a white silkie),the 3rd one is ???, and the black and white one I was told was a Barred Rock.
I was chatting with one of the guys at my local feed store and was asking about the chick I was never told what she was, he saw that other and said I had a RIR for the top chick, and he said the little black and white was a sexlink, one of the other customers got in on the guessing game and he wasn't sure. So what do I have?I know the one is a silkie, just wondering what she is mixed with.....​

They are adorable!
The barred ones legs are a light yellow, and I thought it may be a boy as well. The top 2 pics I was told was the sexlink, and the other one is the one mixed inbetween the pictures, I didn't realize they weren't in order.

I just took these...the barred legs do have a darker color coming down it's legs, the 3 picks of the brown/golden chick is the one I don't know is at all, the beak is a light brownish color, and then the 2 pics are of the one that was a sexlink, also debated as a RIR....

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