What breed, gender and age?


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May 28, 2016
I got 4 new chickens, and i was wondering what breed, gender and age they are, so i thought i would ask the BYC forums. Here are some pictures of them;

Thanks in advance!
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They all appear to be girls. Not sure on age. The darker red one is a hatchery grade Rhode Island Red, aka Production Red. The lighter red one is a Red Sexlink, aka Red Star, Golden Comet, Cinnamon Queen, etc. The two white and black ones are a Splash something, not sure what. For others wanting to guess: I see red earlobes, blue slate legs, single comb, and clean non-feathered legs. So that rules out Splash Andalusion and Splash Cochin.
Thanks for identifying the 2 breeds, and also thanks for the extra information. Hopefully someone can add to this using the information above.
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Now all i need to know is the breed of the two white chickens, and their age. Any help is much appreciated.
I think your white hens are Austra Whites. 

Good guess, I didn't think of that possibility! Yes, they are most likely Austra Whites, which are a hybrid between Black Australorps and White Leghorns, sold by Cackle Hatchery.

If I had to guess an age, I'd guess that they are probably 3-4 month old pullets. Should start laying within the next month, maybe two.

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