What breed is Lewis?


5 Years
Mar 8, 2014
peace, hope and country
This is our rooster Lewis. He is suppose to be a "show breed" bird (doesn't matter to us). His former owner said he had some bad experiences with him. Since we have had him he had been an amazing rooster. Very flighty at first but adjusted to our flock very quickly and is very kind to all our girls. He shimmers a black green and has tall feathers on his head.
Thanks! How can you tell? Also his head feathers are white but he also has some yellow ones there too. I am sure that doesn't make a difference I just looked at the photo again and saw his head was at an angle that his tops feathers are hard to see.
This is his natural position. His head is almost bald. Most my clock is molting though. Any ideas on how to help his head feather stay in. Some of my bossier hens pick on him here and there and ive seen one peck at his head. I don't know if that is why his head is bald.

Birds with head dresses are often the target of picking by their flockmates. The feathers are attractive because they are different and the head feathering often impedes the vision of the bird so they are less able to see the picking coming or avoid/escape it in time.

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