What breed is my bantam hen?


Apr 7, 2019
Her name is midge. She's an absolute peach and warbles as you hold her and talk to her but I don't for the life of me know what breed she is. I got her from someone moving off island and he just said she was a bantam and nothing else (he threw her in when I bought a few other chickens off of him and she would have been the last one left). She lays tiny white eggs that my 1 year old loves and calls "baby eggs" and is just so small and cute and even though the guy said she was only an occasional layer we get at least 5 eggs a week out of her if not 6. Really wish I had an inkling of what she was.

Here's her tiny egg next to my red sexlinks egg
Your hen looks like my Old English Game hen, in shape, size, looks. There are quite a few different varieties of OEGH so I cant really point to the exact one. They generally differ by their feather colors. It is a very good possibility she is a mix. :idunno
The egg production is good at this time,,,,,,, but will slow down. Meaning,,,, don't expect the great laying to go on for very long. I'm saying this judging by the way my banties lay.
These are my Silver Duckwing variety Of OEGH. That is what I am comparing your hen to. Of course the color is different.

WISHING YOU BEST,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :highfive:
She looks a bit like a Dutch bantam too. Specially because she has short blue legs and tiny eggs. But probably its a mix. The colour is definitely a mix. What is her weight? Should be under 500 grams /18 oz for standard. I have Dutch bantams that are a bit too heavy (not for showing). The eggs of the young ones are under 30 grams , about 1 oz.

There are many color varieties of Dutch bantams. Here are two of mine with their mixed offspring.
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