what breed is my rooster???


9 Years
Oct 17, 2010
I'm a complete newbie to this but I want to have a guess - Welsummer.
I'm sure the experts will be able to tell you for sure though.



The rooster has been passed along a number of owners and I didn't take much notice of what he was except he was very good looking and good natured ( and hardly crows!!). I presently only have a few hybrid hens with him. i am more interested in the heritage brees and so purchased some purebred welsummer eggs from south. (which i received in the mail) I filled the space in my incubator with some eggs from my chookpen.
A chicken which hatched out of one of my hybrid eggs looks nearly identical to the welsummer purebred chicks except not quite so red in color. The pic of the chic from my rooster and hybrid is attached. So this got me investigating what he may be. I thought originally a RIR but realise that he is not. Any thought would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Sorry just worked out how to put the pics on properly.
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