What breed is the quietest roo?


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Aug 20, 2019
Mobile, AL
I live in a quiet little neighborhood. Houses are decently far apart, but noise would still be an issue. I want a rooster to breed & procreate with my 4, gorgeous, sweet little hens. What is the quietest breed of chicken (as far as roosters & crowing go), and how can I keep my roo quiet until everyone has had time to wake up? I don’t want any angry neighbors!
All crow, but some sound more tolerable than others. We had 2 roosters at the same time and their crows were different in tone and length of crow. Also, one crowed less than the other. We kept the Black Jersey Giant, he crowed less than the other male (a Black Australorp). However, now at 18 months old, he is firmly the head of the flock and mature (they mature more slowly), and he will crow a lot when we are out there too long watching chickens or taking care of chores, but otherwise is not prone to a lot of crowing. We had Leghorns and they matured early and crowed A LOT! We have a Maran that wont shut up right now (4 months old and hormonal), but he’ll go to auction in a couple of weeks.

You could keep them in their coop until a reasonable hour in the morning. If the coop is positioned fairly far from the other homes that will help. I’ve read on BYC of chicken keepers in more urban settings that bring their roosters inside for the night so no early wake ups for the neighbors.

Good luck.
Welcome to BYC! I assume you are allowed to have roosters where you live. If not, this is probably not a good idea to hope the neighbors won't hear your rooster! Good luck!
Oh, and in my experience, the little ones are loud, shrill and more annoying, kind of like in dogs.
I believe I have a rooster.. he is 4 weeks old and he never shuts up.. he is sweet and cuddly though. Not sure what to do because they are prohibited in my neighborhood
4 weeks is a bit early. You could always make a thread here with some pictures. It's a very active section with plenty of people who could help you figure out if it is a cockerel. Be sure to provide pictures as it's about essential. Just making noise is not much to go on. Also selling or eating said chicken is always an option.


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