What breed is this chicken


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Hi all, went to the markets on Sunday to pick up some chooks but we decided to get the last grown hen instead because we didn't want to risk raising roosters again. Last time we got 3 baby chicks we ended up with 3 roosters and had to give them away.

We were told this hen was 8 months old and layed eggs slightly larger than normal. Problem is we have had her for 2 days and seen no eggs.

anyone recognize the breed and know how many eggs we should expect.
we bought her from Sydney Australia

Not a pro...but my best guess based on the photo. Shes a Columbian Wyandotte[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]. The reason for the lack of eggs could be because shes stressed. Change in enviroment could have caused her to stopped laying temporarily. Mine stopped laying for almost a month when I moved the nestboxes from one side of the coop to the other. Give it time...she'll start again.[/FONT]
Thanks McGobs

One month wow. This is only the second day and its pouring rain outside :(. She is staying out of the rain but I will have to build her a couple more nestboxes as she doesn't really like the one there already (x rabbit home).

Thanks for your reply I was worried. I might just have to be a little patient and also get her some company :)
any time a hen is moved she will stop laying for a time. any say about the breed would be a guess on my part, since you are in austraslia and i am in arkansas USA, i suppose the chickens would be different to some extent.How about Delware or if she has feathers on her legs Brahmas.
light legs, single comb, and Colombian pattern...i would guess light Sussex as well. the stress of moving and all may have stopped her from laying (plus the shorter days as they need like 14 hours of day light) but always check for lice/mites on new birds and if you have no other hens with her it is best to get her a friend since they are flock animals and do best in at least pairs

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