What breed is this?


Apr 20, 2015

Any ideas on what kind this is? It was purchased as a gold lace Wyandotte. It is about 3 weeks old and doesn't have any tail feathers yet and barley has wing feathers. It does have the gold lacing but the comb is not a Wyandotte comb. It's more like the orpingtons that I bought an are also in the pics. It's not a very friendly chicken compared to the orpingtons and other Wyandotte that I purchased. I realize it's young and hard to tell but any info is appreciated. Thanks
It may either be a gold laced orpington, or simply a single comb wyandotte. Is that another wyandotte in the front of the photo?
The other dark chick in the photo is a Wyandotte. The thing I forgot to mention is its legs and feet seem to be a little more robust then the others. Are gold lace orpingtons common?

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