What breed of chicken is this?


Feb 9, 2013
This chicken came from the McMurray hatchery as a definite breed of chicken but I have been told otherwise. She started laying eggs at 21 weeks exactly and has been a laying machine laying 1 egg per day without fail. She is 22 1/2 weeks right now.

She was sold in a "mixed pullet" order as a RIR. Not that we don't care, but we don't care. She is the egg master...... princess.
Not too surprised - the MM breed descriptor for their RIR actually references them as "our *production* strain" - which tells me they are dancing around the fact that they are not, in fact, selling true RIR birds - and the photos of the example birds on their site are decidedly NOT RIR but, in fact, PR. I think this makes me more angry than those who make mistakes out of legitimate ignorance of the truth - to purposefully use plays on words, etc to misrepresent things is just wrong. It's like the EE/Ameraucana thing - deceptive and wrong.
When she was a chick she had a big yellow head and was an ugly little bird. Then the red feathers started growing in and she even got uglier if thats possible. Thats all behind her now.
Hatchery Rhode Island Red ("Production Red"). I also have one from McMurray hatchery, sold as a Rhode Island Red:

I think they're related. I got no complaints. "Lucy" lays a pullet egg everyday for the last 9 days. They are getting bigger and darker every egg. Out of the 14 chickens she is the only one who has started laying. She has a problem though.......... worm and grub addiction. WGA is an ugly thing and we are talking about an intervention some time this coming week.
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Well that solves the riddle. We have one that looks just like her that has had me scratching my head.

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