What breed of chickens are these? Game bantams and RIR maybe?


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Hello, I'm hoping y'all can help me ID these chickens. I'm new to chickens and don't konw very many breeds yet. When we got our chicks (3 BO and 3 RIR) I wanted to get a RIR rooster also but couldn't find one. My wife's grandmother told me we could have her chickens. She has 4 chickens that basically live wild. They forage for food and roost in trees. I've been feeding them for about a month or so. They now visit us daily and will let me get within about a foot or two of them, but I still can't touch them. There is a big rooster, two small roosters, and a small hen. I think the big rooster is a RIR, and I think the small hen and small rosters may be some kind game bantams. What do y'all think?

Big Rooster:

Small Hen:

Small Rooster #1:

Small Rooster #2:
He has some dark spots on him. When the sun hits him good he is shiny red and the tail feathers have a green tint to them, almost grenish black. Here's another pic of the big one.

Another pic. The big rooster is the one in the center.
I dont know about breed but that rooster is one of the most gorgous and dignafied and roosterly rooster I have laid eyes on in a very long time
Your a lucky chicken lover
Thanks. I agree, they sure are some pretty roosters. Amazingly they all get along. I think the only reason they do get along is because they are free ranging. I don't think they could ever be cooped up together. I love hear them crow and watch them strut around. Once in a while the big rooster will chase the small roosters across the yard. He was bad about that when i first started feeding them. I think he's figured out there's enough food for everyone and called down now.

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