What breed or mix is this hen?


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Apr 15, 2010
Eugene OR
When I purchased some pullets from a craigslist ad she threw this older hen in for free because she often goes broody. She lays light brown eggs and is much bigger than my other full size hen a Welsummer/Astralorp cross. Any ideas on what breed or breeds she might be?


Well, if she's really big, 2 common large breeds come to mind.

Are her legs feathered? If so, possible dark Brahma cross (feather pattern looks like it could be dark Brahma mix).

Otherwise could be a Jersey giant cross. (Comb looks more like Jersey Giant than Brahma)

Hard to tell.
Wrong comb for a brahma cross, wrong color for a JG cross.

What color are her legs? She looks to be half Rock, with some pencilled genes.

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