What breed should I get?


Dec 7, 2017
im looking to add more chickens to my current flock. I have about 15 silkies and 3 olive eggers and I’m wanting to get a breed that lays a lot. I hardly get any eggs cause most of my chickens are silkies. I want a breed that is sweet too and will get along with the others! What breeds should I get!?
I was going to say silkies but... you have that covered! Naked necks are sweet and pretty good layers, and I have heard good things about Wyandottes (which come in bantam) and Orpingtons (also comes in bantam). Cochins and Brahmas are very silkie-like but not great layers.
I actually have 12 naked necks in my incubator right now so I’m excited now!! I was going to sell them but I may just keep them.

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