What breed would you suggest for a newbie?


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Feb 26, 2010
My wife wants eggs, I want poop for the garden and our daughter would love a pretty chicken to play with. We MIGHT splurge and go for two chickens. I'm brand new, but after a tiny bit of research, I'm leaning towards a Leghorn(possibly Exchequer) and maybe a Bantam. So there you have it! A pretty chicken that lays a lot of eggs and is good with kids!
DEFINITELY get at least two. Chickens are flock animals. They need socialization.

Dominiques are winter-hardy, docile, and pretty. Orpingtons are another great idea. For kids, Easter Eggers lay colored eggs and tend to be pretty friendly.
Get chicks
for a newby I would get 2 or 3 week old baby chicks. I would get at least 4 because they are social creatures and happiest in groups. Buff Orpingtons are very pretty and sweet and consistant layers, Black Australorps have very cute eyes and are the best egg layers.
Uh oh! Four seems like a lot, but I would want them to be happy. I forgot to mention that I live in San Diego, so it can get pretty warm around summer time. Not sure if that makes a difference with the breeds suggested or not. Thanks for the help, keep the advice coming!
Ahh! Question: Does it matter if I get 4 different breeds? I'm guessing chickens are docile regardless of the breed, but just wanted to be sure... Thanks again, you all are awesome!

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