What Breed?


10 Years
Jun 10, 2013

This is Tiny, Peeps 'sister'. What is there breed. I've never been sure. ISA browns? Golden Comets?
How old is this bird and did it come from a hatchery/feed store or a backyard breeder?

At first glance it looks like a red sex link female, but closer look shows dark red patches on the wing and thick legs, male traits. the comb is pretty small though, so age will be the key here. I'm wondering if it's a second generation sex link rooster.
This was maybe taken when Tiny was maybe 2-3 months old? We got here in April from Tractor Supply Co in the pullet bin. We have her to our friends but if you need a more recent pic I can get one this weekend. Tiny is maybe 5-6 months old now, not in this pic tho.
She looks almost exactly like my hatchery RIR boy in body type but color is spread quite a bit differently. Not sure how helpful that is though. :S
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If they're from TSC then they should be red sex link hens. That color still looks off to me, though, and I'm seeing red on the shoulder which should be a rooster sign. It would be good to see recent pics.
X2 on the more recent pictures would be good, TSC also sells production reds sometimes, some of them are colored like sexlinks.

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