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Sep 16, 2011
Zephyrhills, Florida
this sweetie was sold to me as a copper maran pullet but I think the lady was wrong. I don't know about breeds but she doesn't look anything like the other copper maran she sold me. Can anyone tell me what she is? She was laying down sorry, it's the best picture I got. They never stay still for the camera.

This is the copper maran pullet

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I agree, she doesn't look like a Black Copper Marans to me. However, I'm not sure what she is. Do you know if the lady had any other breeds of chicken? She looks a bit like a Buff Brahma.
If I had to guess, I would say she is a Buff Brahma.

I agree, she is looks like a Buff Brahma.
That's awesome...I read that they're really nice birds. My daughter and hubby will be very happy, they're bird cuddlers...lol! Thanks so much for the help we really appreciate it.

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