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Given that information, the flock I put together would include Buff Orpington and Black Austrolorp. You can balance things out by looking for a couple super friendly breeds with a couple of birds from a high production but not known as lap pet breeds - or do you want the entire flock to be made up of those known for friendliness? What color(s) eggs do you want?
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I have Isa browns which are hybrids but lay really really well, they are like pets they are so friendly. They love people and will come running to the door to see you. They lay large brown eggs. I only get the occasional egg in the run or on the coop floor, they are almost always in the nesting boxes. Mine are VERY clean in their laying boxes, with almost no dirt/poop in them. They usually lay in the morning-noon but sometimes later. They won't go broody, the broodiness was bred out of them, but on occasion there might be 1 or 2 in a flock to go broody but don't count on it. I very strongly reconditioned ISA browns ( also known as Sex-Sal- Link Brown).
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Leghorns are good layers of large eggs but can be very 'flighty'.

My Light Brahmas are the mellowest and friendliest and lay huge eggs.

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