What breeds have a quieter crow???


13 Years
Apr 29, 2010
if there is such a thing as a quiet crow that is... We are looking to get a rooster and unsure if there are breeds that are less annnoying than others for the neighbors that is. I like the crowing. But I want to be as respectful to the people as possible while still having our Roo. I heard that some bantam roosters have a loud shrieky crow and that wont do. my husband wants a Black Australorp is thier crowing excesive? Compared to others. i know a lot depends on the individual bird but i just wondered if some were louder than others. thanks
well i say this the smaller the breed the smaller the crow, LOL
but some small breeds crow more than others, like a i have the oegb and they crow way more than my silkies.

in the breeds i have i say the silkies are less loud and less crowing.
my silver laced hamberg is the quietest rooster I have owned, so far. The old english game banty was the loudests.
I have just gotten a Barred-Rock Roo. He is a year old so I know he knows how to crow but for the first week I never heard a crow from him. Then the other morning, I was out working around the pens most of the day. He crows but it is such a gentle, soft crow, sort of like comparing a gentleman to a wild hulligan. My other roo crows soooo loudly, this guy is regular, standard size roo (pretty big) and I was wondering what to name him....I named him Ben, call him Benny (for gentle Ben). My Buff Orp roo is Leroy Brown, although, he is not bad or mean. He just has attitude!

So, I would say it totally depends on the individual roo. I have a small Banty Roo that is so small and crows like he has laryngitis...funny sounding and not loud.
Smaller bird's are NOT less nosiy.I Have OEBG this time along with 4 Silkie roo's that are crowing age.They start before daylight lol.We wound up with 3 roo's in our straight run layer's We got but haven't heard anything from them.Got a few err er from a couple of the new duckwing and sebright and they are pityful yet lol.Got some cochin young too and frizzle's so gonna be pretty noisy here soon.TG. No suburban complaining neighbor's.I live in Cow country hehe.A lot of my roo's I had before would crow all night diif hours of days I alway's knew who was crowing.Right now my Silkie's have the loudest crow's.
How about this type of roo
I love that video and wish that I could have one where I live.

I have 4 roos, two of them are silkies that are about to meet their maker. They crow all night long and they are really bothering my neighbor.
My Australorp rooster crows INCESSANTLY and it's very loud... it's possible others aren't as bad but based on our experience with 'Blueberry' I wouldn't recommend one if you're looking for a quieter bird.

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