What can I do with a little blind rooster?


14 Years
May 6, 2008
San Francisco Bay Area, EB
Does anyone in the SF bay area know of a nice place to rehome a very sweet but blind rooster? He looks very much like an Old English Game but I cant guarantee that. Besides, he really probably isnt the best for mating. I may have to get rid of him because even though he cant see very well (just movement so it seems) he can crow very well. I love him but my neighbors have complained to the county. One more complaint and Im sure I will be force to get rid of him and maybe all my birds. Im hoping it doesnt come to that.
I just cant stand the thought some someone putting him down though. I really hope to find a place where he can live his life out. That was my plan....to care for him and provide a home for him until his natural passing but with the neighbor complaint, that might not be possible. Please, Im open to any suggestions or ideas to tuck away in my back pocket just in case.
Thanks so much for any advice,
Richmond/San Pablo/El Sobrante area of the San Francisco bay area
Thank you for the virtual offer. That means a lot to me just knowing that there are others out there with such soft hearts. Honestly, I will do every thing in my power to keep him. Im even looking for property in Northern California foot hills to move so I can keep him and all my birds. I cant imagine life without them.
Oh there are lots of others. I have had several special birds. Sadly they are the ones predators find first. I had the most sweet blind Marans girl. I would put her next to the food and water and she loved me. I had her for over a year and then dogs from over 5 miles away (found the owners) managed to savage the pen she was in.

She is happier now, I know it and she blessed my life. I will never forget her.
I had one in my flock as a kid, a little Silver Seabright bantam roo. I knew early on there was something wrong with him, how he acted in the brooder. So I removed him, picked another chick to go with him, and did some "tests" to find out his issue. He couldn't see a darn thing! He ate off of cluck-cluck noises, and I didn't have a momma hen to do that for him. So I did it. For months. Never let him range with the others, he wouldn't know what to do. His buddy chick hated him and hated cage life, so I tossed it out with the rest and Squinty lived alone. I was home schooled, and toted him around with me.

At a flea market, I saw this frizzle hen. Ugly bird! Giant too, very tall, definitely not a bantam. 3x's taller than him. My mom bought her because she looked cool. So we get her home, and the flock hates her. Just can't let her near. So... what about Squinty? I put her in Squinty's cage, and she was running scared, but calmed down when she realized he wasn't chasing her, he was just staying close to her. They bonded over night, and she even started to do cluck-cluck noises by the food and water for him. I was impressed, I thought chickens were dumb and mean for the most part.

I started letting them out and watched, and she took him around with her. Quite happy to be with just him, no interest in the rest of the flock. And the rest ignored them too. It was like a cute old couple, the big woman with the itty bitty old man. Her making a fuss over him, and him just tottering along after her.

When I had to find homes for everyone, I was really worried about their future. What do you do with a little blind bantam rooster and his frizzle girlfriend that doesn't match in any way shape or form? Took them to the flea market anyways with the rest of them. I had been often enough that people knew where to look for me and the chickies. Many had my babies, and were sad I was selling all the adults. All my birds were super tame, named, spoiled things. I spent a lot of time with them and even had a book on who was who and who they produced.

By around 10, I had most everyone sold, but not Squinty and Frizz. This old couple wonders into the booth, and asks about them. I tell their story about how he's blind and she cares for him. They got all cute and reminiscent, and the wife just had to have them because it reminded her of her and her husband. So they found a home with them as the only chickens, with a couple that would appreciate them and spoil them. It was just too cute.

I got lucky with finding a bird to pal around with him and help him have a normal life. I don't know what I would have done with him otherwise.
I wanted to add that I did so similar with my little blind guy. He was all alone on a box in my house. That had become his home. I noticed a little hen who was always trying to seek a place to be off by herself. She seemed annoyed by the advances of the other roos. I put them together and it worked very well for awhile. I think she appreciated that Blind Guy would not try to mount her. Then I think she became discouraged when she wanted to mounted by a roo. My blind guy was active mounting the ground but never a hen. She got so that she was always wanting get out of whatever safe space I put them in together. Now they spend a little time together but she had a new boy friend and also likes to be with him.
I believe the Oakland Animal Shelter has a small flock of birds, either roosters that have been confiscated or hens that no longer were wanted at their previous homes, it might be worth a shot calling and asking if you could bring your special guy to live with them. I believe they have a no kill policy, the chickens just live out life until nature decides otherwise.
Oh thank you thank you so much for that suggestion. I hope to be able to keep and take care of himself, but just in case I am forced to get rid of him I may just have an option now!
Thanks so very much.

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