What can i make with a Barred rock?

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    What all crosses can i make with a barred rock. Ive read you can make black stars with a RIR roo X BR but I want to know if theres any more crosses i could make.
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    Are you talking about crosses that have a name already?

    Any non-barred/solid male over a BR female will give you sex linked chicks (males will be barred and as chicks have a white dot on the head).

    California Gray = White leghorn x BR
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    You can cross them to anything your heart desires [​IMG]

    If you use a pure barred Rock rooster over another breed of hen, most of the time you'll get a chick that is black barred. Exceptions are white or buff hens, their color will compete with the black from the rooster and show up in the chicks.

    If you use a barred Rock hen and a non-white, non-barred rooster, you'll be able to sex the chicks at hatch. They'll be sex linked, meaning the sex is linked to the color of the bird. Males will have a white spot on the head at hatch (like a barred Rock) and feather out barred. Females will have a solid dark head at hatch and be non-barred. Using a Red rooster is the classic cross for a Black Star hybrid. But, pretty much any non-white, non-barred rooster should make the sex linked cross.

    Are there names for the crosses? Nope. When you mix breeds, they're just mixed breed birds.
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