What caused them to die?

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    May 24, 2011
    I had one pullet (Easter Egger about 36 weeks) die kinda suddenly. She seemed fine and then I noticed she kept to herself. She seemed "down". The next day she kept to herself and didn't roost at night. She slept in a nest box. The third day we had to go out of town over night. When we got home on the fourth day I went out to the coop and saw the pullet dead in the run under the ramp to the coop. She never looked sick. I picked her up on day one and noticed she was very light. She probably wasn't eating but not sure how long. Her tail was down. About 7 weeks later the same thing happened. One of my hens (almost 2) started to act the same way. She kept to herself. I picked her up and noticed she was light/thin. She was normally a very good size. She was a black star. I checked her to see if she could've been egg bound and she was soft. Day two her breathing was a bit labored and she didn't roost but slept on the floor of the coop. Day three she was dead in the run under the ramp to the coop.

    I'm really curious of anyone could tell me what they died from?

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    It sounds like egg impactation. Not really much you couldve done. Sorry for your losses.

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