What color "Ameracaunas" will I get?


10 Years
Mar 1, 2009
Upstate NY

Picture of my "Ameracauna" Roo, Anyone know what color he is?


Pic of the Roo with one of the hens, all of the hens are this color.

I have a batch of their eggs in the bator now, as well as some from the Barred Rocks and RIR that are running with him.

Anyone know what color the Ameracauna chicks will be?

Yeah, I know its not a "real" Ameracauna, he does have the beard and muff and right colored legs (they look light in the pic) Two of the hens also have the beard and muff, the other two have really small beards.

Three of the hens lay blue to blue green eggs, one lays a brown/pink tinted egg, I *think*, although it could be the Barred Rocks egg. I can't figure out which one that egg is coming from!
The answer to your question is that you won't get Ameraucanas.

What you have are Easter Eggers and the color that you end up with is very unpredictable.

They are nice looking birds though and you should have many pleasant surprises with them.

God Bless,

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