What color eggs do muscovy ducks lay?


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Jul 1, 2009
new Hampshire
I have 2 female and one male, This is my first time with ducks coming into mating season. What color eggs do they lay, I was told white then somone said no brown
Also do they normally sit on there first eggs or not? I really hope one will I would like a few babies and some to sell
Thanks for any advise.
they're an off white, kind of muddy green tint. They feel like soapstone to the touch, kind of a waxy feel to them.

If you leave the eggs in the nest box or where ever they lay, one of them is bound to sit on them and hatch them out. They make fantastic mothers, but you have to watch out for the other adults accidentally stepping on and crushing the babies

Edit. I ususally eat the first 10 or so eggs from each duck as the fertility isn't great with these first few, after that you're good to go.
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Great I hope I can tell them apart from my Easter Eggers eggs.

They're not as coloured as EE. it's more white with a slight tint, and they feel waxy to the touch.
Ok good that helps I have one EE hen that lays the biggest chicken egg I have ever seen, it is blue and so big I can't close the egg cartons.
That does help thanks here are my eggs from today

The one is question is all the way to the right across from brown??
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None of those look Muscovy to me. Not that green. The green is the ever so slightest tinge in the world. I can barely see it and I don't honestly think its very green, myself... but anyway... the texture is how you'll know. It has a weird scratchable surface.

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