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    May 23, 2010
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    I have three types of roos..... One black cooper maran, black jersy giants, and gold laced wandottes
    I have easter eggers, cuckoo marans, one cornish, jeresy giants and goldlaced wandottes pullets (not laying yet) and ISA brown hens.

    What color eggs would I get from the offspring of a BCM and EE cross?
    Will I still green/olive eggs fom ofspring of EE crosses?
    What egg color is dominant white or brown?
    Are there any other interesting egg colors I could get from the flock I currently have?
    If I get an EE roo in the future will it help keep blue/green egg laying genes or is egg color sex linked?
    Are there any heavy breed/winter hardy chicken that lay tinted or pink eggs?[​IMG]

    Just curious about what my egg basket may look like in the future.[​IMG]

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    I would split those birds up into a few groups. And get the EE roo like you said.

    BCM roo with the EEs (olive eggers)
    Jersey Giant roo with Jersey Giant hens (brown eggs- but purebred)
    Gold Laced Wyandottes together (brown eggs but purebred)

    Put everybody else in with an EE roo for different shades olive eggers.

    Then after you have hatched some olive eggers, put the EE hens back with the EE roo to keep blue/green layers in your flock for future generations.

    Not than I'm obsessing about your chickens- I'm just in a very similar situation and that's what I'm doing [​IMG]

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