What color is she?

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  1. And how would I breed her to keep true to the color, if possible? I have a partridge roo - Cochin, a BLRW (poor quality), and a OEGB I could breed her to.
    I love this girl. She's beautiful. I need more. Lol.

    Boys I can breed her too. I dont care about type much at first, so long as their fluffy. These 2 are Seremas.
    He's calico.
    Cochin roo

    I also have a Japanese bantam that's white w/ a black tail / flights
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    There's no specific coloring for an EE, they obtain their colors from different crosses. But I have to agree that she is beautiful! I have seen some Easter Egger pictures that look quite similar to her, I once baby at for an EE that eventually grew up into this coloring. [​IMG]
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    Well, since she looks like she's blue & red with lacing, my inclination would be to go with the BLR wyandotte since they are going to be mixes / EEs anyhow.
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    You won't be able to breed any more exactly like her, I don't think. Since she's an EE, you have no idea what breeds/colors were used to create her and no idea of the color genetics involved. By all means, breed her to the blue-laced red, you'll get the closest, I think. But don't be disappointed if it doesn't work out.

    And to answer your title question--she isn't any recognized color. She's a bit red-laced blue, and a bit partridge, but basically she is a very pretty red and blue mutt.
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