What color will my duck be?

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    Finally, against all odds, I am going tomorrow to pic up my Muscovy duckling. Not sure if it'll be a drake or not, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed [​IMG].

    But I'm curious, I went over to the woman's house who is selling them tonight and took a look at them. They are about six weeks old, born on July 1st. I get to choose out of three ducklings. The thing is, they are all white-ish yellow-ish. Only a couple of them have funny grey/black splashes on their heads. She showed me the parents, the female is gorgeous grey/black and white splash and the male is as well.

    My question is: What is the chance that my duckling could turn out to be all white? Are my odds pretty good of getting a splash like the parents? I really hope it will be a splash!
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    most likely it will be white. I have a bunch with some markings anbd they do eventually go white.
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    From yellow fluffy balls - I got a bunch of these - only one has markings, he has two black lines on the top of his head.
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    THAT IS THE WEIRDEST THING ABOUT MUSCOVYS. In most ducks yellow turns white or fawn when grown. In muscovys they can end up being absolutley any color if they are not pure bred. If you have colored muscovys you will almost never get a all white one. I have yellow ducklings grow up to be black , grey , blue, or any other color. I also have ones with the mallard pattern turn into any color.
  6. The muscovy babies I got last year--one was all yellow. One was black and yellow and the other was yellow with a fainter black. That was there down feathering. I got them at day old ducklings.
    Now at a year old...The all yellow one turned out to be a pure white female. The black and yellow one turned out to be a black and white male and the yellow and fainter black one turned out to be a grey and white female...
    They haven't hatched any eggs yet so don't know about there babies.
    The same happened to hold true for my mom's muscovys too...
    3 yellow ones turned out to be pure white females, the black and yellow one turned out to be a black and white male, and then she had an all black one that turned out to be a grey female....

    It could of been just pure luck, but that's kinda how I pick out the babies--hoping for the coloring I want when they get there feathering. As for the sexing...That is purely luck and guessing on my part too....

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