What color will these Silkie Chicks be...?


8 Years
Jan 4, 2012
Can anyone tell me what color these silkie chicks will be...?
Mom and dad are both black silkie chickens....
I thought black + black = black
but the chicks are kinda two tones....or is that how they are born...?
Any help would be appreciated..... =)
the closes one looks like a partridge, the one on the left possible black, the one way in the back possibly partridge, can't really see the other three in the middle towards the right.. try singling them out and get a picture of each one of them, or get them in the grass with sun light...
the two in the front look like they could be black or blue, but the others are probably partridge.
Yep I agree, not sure about the very last one, he's kind of hidden.. And you said the parents are black? That's cool to get a partridge then...
Thankyou for your help Lacrystol .... Yes both mom and dad are black as can be....so I'm surprised at the coloring of the chicks...but they are still cute..
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