what color would I end up with?

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    Apr 1, 2011
    I have a blue silkie roo and was thinking bout buying a white girl for him. If I did what color would I most likely end up with? I already have a blue hen with him but wanted to get another girl. I found a white one that's ten dollars and thought it's a pretty good deal, but not gonna get her if the babies will turn out to be pretty much mutts. Thanks in advance for any help. sorry if this is the wrong thread

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    Blue isn't a true breading color in most chickens to start with, blue is a mix of....

    well... 'silver' and 'black'

    anyhow it has to do with a gene that mutes colors, so when you cross (blue*blue) you get:

    blue (carries and shows blue), 50%
    black (carries blue but shows black), 25%
    slpash- (moltted looking chickens) 25%

    To get blue every time you have a blue (silver) in with black. Either black males to blue females or black females to blue males.

    White is often dominate and you would get molted (splash), mismarked, or white chicks. they might be pretty anyway, and you can always eat the eggs instead...

    You want a black hen.

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