what color would I get


Feb 4, 2018
can I get blue chicken if I breed blue red rooster to either a pure black hen or a black and silver hen?
(the black and silver hen is almost black but has a little bit silver on her neck, she's from a silver laced rooster and pure black hen, this rooster she's from tho is not pure silver laced because one of his parents where black to so his silver laced color was really faint and my hen that's from him is even fainter and has no laced in her, only faint silver on her neck)
if I can't get blue from these to hens and the blue red rooster then what color will the chicks be? :D


Apr 7, 2017
Shropshire, UK
From the black hen, you will get half blue and half black offspring, all with leakage. If the hen is silver based, as your other hen is, the offspring will be red sex linked, and the leakage will follow this, with males being silver and females red.

Your silver hen may produce blue-red and black-red pullets with lacing genes and without, silver males the same. Half her offspring will be the same as those from the black hen.
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