what color would u get if

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  1. stephanie1992

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    i crossed a White Cochin roo with a Buff cochin hen?? would the babies turn out a light buff color
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    Alot of people think like that when crossing colors. Unfortunately, the genetics of colors take all the fun out of the experiments! The answer would be that you'd probably get all white babies from that cross. Unfortunately, there are about half a dozen different gene combos that produce all white birds, so it all depends on what the white cochin is genetically. But I hazard a guess that it is the most common type of white and so yes, there should be all white offspring, if I'm right...
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    I believe that White Cochin are recessive so the offspring should be Black (if the parent stock is pure for color type)
    If the parent stock is not pure for color type then it is a crap shot and you could get about anything.

    If the White Cochin would be Dominate White which I don't think they are then, you would get all White.

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  4. stephanie1992

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    there both from show stock and ive shown both. but they wernt mine untill recently and there togeather in the same pen and i was just wondering what i would get if i hatched there eggs
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    Buff is complicated "recipe" of genes; and as Chris09 said, cochins are usually recessive white. White (both dominant and recessive) turn OFF the expression of colour and pattern genes present in a bird, so there is no way to tell what genes may be present in the white. Kind of like reaching into a dark pantry and simply grabbing the first can you encounter to add to your stew. Might work great if the can contains some sort of veggies, but it is a can of pie filling, it might give some really strange results.
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    Quote:ok thank u [​IMG]

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