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    I have one chick that I noticed since he was at least a week old has had trouble with his eyes. I dont think its a disease or anything since him and his 3 siblings came from the same person (their all healthy) and I used one of my bantam cochin hens to brood them (shes healthy as well). Their now 2-3 months old. It started out a lil swelled and it finally swelled shut. I for a couple weeks brought him in daily and washed it out (he did have quite a bit of infection in it when I first treated him) & Applied Terrimycin Eye ointment. It seemed to keep it from swelling but didn't get any better. His eye looked so bad I thought he would be blind. I started to change their shavings more often and that seemed to help, he now is almost normal except his eyes still run a lil and the one that was so bad is just a tad swelled nothing horrible but enough to notice, But a huge improvement. Could he have some kind of allergy? he is in a pen that is completley enclosed except for the door its wire. could he need more ventilation?? I'm just stumped, and I honestly dont think he's sick, I've never heard a sneeze, and his nose has always been clear, the others are healthy????
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    any ideas?? [​IMG]
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    Anybody out there..LOL
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    What kind of bedding is it on? That's all I can think to ask. I hope someone else helps.
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    Quote:Pine shavings
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    Try polyvisol vitamins without iron for about week, see if that clears it up.

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