What defines a breed?


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Oct 9, 2010
I ever wondered what are the features/items used to officially define a breed? Or is it different from breed to breed?
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I read this somewhere: A breed is a group of animals that have a similar genetic background and when reproducing produce animals like the parent stock.
It's different from breed to breed, and even from country to country. In the U.S. the standards and features are defined in "The American Poultry Association “STANDARD OF PERFECTION” , There's a British "Standard Of Perfection" too and they have quite a few differences, other countries either have their own organizations and standards or choose to use say the British standard or the U.S. one or another country's.

Things like colors of feathers, types of feathers, color of legs, number of toes!, types of comb, body shape, overall size, general weight, the way a rooster carries it's tail, the way a bird holds it's wings, all manner of things!!! Way too many to list really, well, too many for me to be sure I'd list em all anyway!
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