What did you do in the garden today?


Free Ranging
Nov 12, 2017
Western Ohio
Cold. Icy, snowy.

It snowed,then ice/snow/rain, then the temp lowered a bit, more snow this morning. Good thing we don’t have to go anywhere very early today. Schools are either delayed or cancelled today.

yesterday, before the snow hit, we got most of the dirt pile that was remaining moved into various raised beds. We will still need to purchase dirt, but not quite as much as we thought we might.

Wee Farmer Sarah

Free Ranging
Oct 8, 2018
North Central Massachusetts
Good morning gardeners. We got some wet sticky snow overnight that wiped out my internet for awhile. It's raining now, thankfully because it washed enough snow off the satellite dish to get the internet back. It is not going to be fun clearing this slop out of the driveway. Welcome to the gardening thread @Reedo5. I'll have to check out the Dollar Tree Store for those ties. Good to hear you got the dirt pile moved @Acre4Me . I can't order dirt until the threat of snow is over. The only place they will deliver it is my driveway and I don't want a pile of dirt in the driveway when I'm using the snow blower. Thanks for the lovely photos @TropicalBabies, they are always appreciated. Your bromeliads look especially healthy. Nothing happening in my garden for a while. My Bay Laurel "bush" should be arriving any day now. Gurney isn't going to ship my little orange tree until June, HA HA! because that's when it's safe to plant outside. That little tree is not destined for the big garden it's going to join the other houseplants in the sunroom. I may call them and see if they will send it sooner. Have a great day everyone and THINK SPRING!
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