What did you do in the garden today?


Jan 29, 2019
Montgomery County Pa
It rained over night here with temps in the low 40's. It wasn't raining when I got up and let the dogs out which was nice but the yard is still terrible regardless. It started raining on the drive in to work but it appears it might end by mid afternoon. Temps will be dropping for Friday and Saturday below freezing for high's but rebound for Sunday and the beginning of next week. Time will tell. Its ironic for the weather like this, normally we have snow over Valentines day at some point but this year that don't appear to be in the picture.

Wee Farmer Sarah

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Oct 8, 2018
North Central Massachusetts


Aug 19, 2017
Finger lakes region, NY
Good morning gardeners. We got some wet sticky snow overnight that wiped out my internet for awhile. It's raining now, thankfully because it washed enough snow off the satellite dish to get the internet back. It is not going to be fun clearing this slop out of the driveway. Welcome to the gardening thread @Reedo5. I'll have to check out the Dollar Tree Store for those ties. Good to hear you got the dirt pile moved @Acre4Me . I can't order dirt until the threat of snow is over. The only place they will deliver it is my driveway and I don't want a pile of dirt in the driveway when I'm using the snow blower. Thanks for the lovely photos @TropicalBabies, they are always appreciated. Your bromeliads look especially healthy. Nothing happening in my garden for a while. My Bay Laurel "bush" should be arriving any day now. Gurney isn't going to ship my little orange tree until June, HA HA! because that's when it's safe to plant outside. That little tree is not destined for the big garden it's going to join the other houseplants in the sunroom. I may call them and see if they will send it sooner. Have a great day everyone and THINK SPRING!
Thank you! The only thing i think that we could all pant right now would be SNOW PEAS hahahahaha get it lol


Jun 12, 2018
@TropicalBabies here are some snow pics! This time they are facing west. Doesn’t look like much, but it was heavy/wet snow followed by rain/sleet then a little more wet snow. Resulting in about 8 pages of cancellations and delays of schools/programs/even some businesses throughout the area.

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Looks like it is going to green up fabulously!! What a great big wide open space. :love LOVELY!!!
It's a wonderful 77 @ 9am but feels warmer. Our tradewinds will pick back up to a strong 35mph sometime today but the mountains will block most for my town with just a little wind wraparound. Should be a good day for painting.
We went to see 1917 last night w/ kids at our local theater. Was pretty good and we enjoyed, though the portrayal of war is beyond sad and tragic.

Jazzie has only about 1 week ++ to go

This hen (below photo) and her brood are 1 of three in the neighborhood (about 40+ chicks total) but this one has moved into one of our nest boxes. Too cute to toss, she should go on her own. Maybe I should take down the camping sign... did not know chickens could read... :/
Note the WWll landing mat fence.
20200213_092321 (2).jpg

With 2 nesting areas down i had to open up a make shift nesting area. Think i may make a permanent one up there.

Ahhhh green!
20200212_172300 (2).jpg

I had better get started with my day. Happy Thursday all!!!


Jun 12, 2018
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Just :love Those chickies,,,,I would keep all of the ferals and domesticate them:thumbsup
Mama looks like a Red, Jungle Fowl hen I had many years ago.
Interesting! I'll get you some more photos and would love some thought on IDing. I often wonder. Keeping...no. But my half wild is sitting on 1/2 wild eggs.


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Apr 6, 2014
Melrose Park Illinois
The Red Jungle Fowl roosters are Fabulously Colorful and cute :) . I cant keep roosters where I live. The hens are less colorful, but are very Wild Smart. Meaning, they can forage and survive on whatever they find to eat. The regular domestic LF, chicken would not survive in the wild very long. They need to be fed regularly like most of out livestock.
Benefit of domestic chickens,,,, They feed us humans with eggs, and ,,, well, meat.
Feral, and Jungle fowl, do not produce as many eggs, as the developed domesticated.

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