What did you do in the garden today?


Apr 23, 2019
@Wee Farmer Sarah would you mind sharing your recipe for the green tomato salsa verde (or enchilada sauce, I forget which one it was)? I know you've posted it a million times, I promise to save it this time! :hugs I think I'm going to can up a bunch, I'm over tomatoes this year.

ETA: & do you find canning mellows the hotness of the peppers? I can never seem to get the salsas hot enough. I might try Habanero this time instead of jalapeno.
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Wee Farmer Sarah

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Oct 8, 2018
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Good golly, I was having a blast doing some online window shopping, LOL! I scanned the page out of the Ball Canning Book. I hope it's readable. Yes, I have found that canning does mellow the peppers. I don't like as much heat in my salsas because I can always add more. However, if you prefer it out of the jar spicy hot, then double up on the heat before canning. I didn't see any frost this morning even though it was 35F when I finally woke up. I need to take the bags off the okra, but I'm sure they are fine. I found another farmer that is closer than the other orchards that grow concord grapes. I'll be running out to pick some up later. Happy cqanning. One thing I love about the green salsa and corn salsa recipes: no peeling of the tomatoes. And, these recipes are so quick and easy. Yay!
Happy canning!

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Apr 9, 2013
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Oh it is wonderful to step out take a breath fresh air yes..
May have a little dog for me soon hope she is as goofy as yours
That’s great Penny! I’m so happy you guys are getting some relief! This is what some foothills looked like yesterday when we get the new roo. It’s pretty gross


Jun 22, 2015
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Brussels sprouts are a winter crop. Ground can get exhausted. Mulch and compost regularly. I joined a very cool Facebook group with experts giving advice on when to plant. Plant above ground fruiters with waxing moon and below ground veg with waning.
I think I may just plant in planters next spring and leave my gardens fallow for a year. I keep putting chicken poo in them and turning it, so by the time I use it, I should have good crop of veggies.

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