What did you do in the garden today?


Crossing the road barefoot.
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Apr 9, 2013
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I cover with a towel on a towel on the counter for ones that are at least pinkish/orangish. The white ones I put in a cardboard box, each one wrapped in the dark in newspaper OR I have shallow flat fruit cardboard boxes that I line with paper, put the tomatoes in trying not to let them touch, and then top with more paper to trap the gasses in. Then I check them once a week religiously.
Thanks! I’m bookmarking that for future reference. I was half right lol.


Crossing the road barefoot.
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Apr 9, 2013
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If they have a little color I cover with a towel. If they are completely green they get wrapped in newspaper or they get soft before they ripen. I had tomatoes ripening in newspaper till Thanksgiving last year.

OMG @NewBoots I'm not a cat fan but that is the prettiest little kitty I've ever seen! 💕 You & DP are good peeps to help her out.
I guess No Touching each other is required. Good to know, thanks!


May 25, 2011
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@Acre4Me That marbled squash is really cool looking! And all those tomatoes—beautiful! Those spinning gourds are darling...that might be fun to grow next year to give to the crumb-crunchers at church. (Much to their parents' delight, I'm sure, when a half-rotten one is found beneath the sofa...bwah ha ha.)

Thanks for the ground hornet death box with the old Rubbermaid, @WthrLady. That is a good one. That is awful about your trees, and I'm familiar with that nursery! Terrible shame. :/ Plus it is not only the money, but all of the care you gave them! Argh! Sounds like you're having a rough few days; I hope things look up! Maybe next time take your dog out for a pup ice cream after the vet and bath. :)

Some days that's all I feel like doing in the garden as well. That and tossing damaged 'maters to the ladies.
Ditto! Some of the winter crops are peeping up here, though. That makes me happy. Plus lots of seed to collect, which leads to hopeful thoughts for next year.

Beautiful kitten, too! Stormy is a perfect name.

Love that mutant carrot @ChocolateMouse!

Hope you are doing well, @karenerwin! Happy fishing. It is good to hear from you.

@penny1960, are you getting a new pup?

@Sueby, glad your canning went well. I do use those fermenting lids; they're very nice to have. A lot better than a cracked jar or bugs in your ferment! There's another kind with a water-filled valve-type thing that's also nice to have. Of course I cannot remember the name...Have fun with those pickles @igorsMistress! Fermenting is such fun!

It's really good to read that the smoke is clearing for many of you. @Battles house, glad you came through the storm safely. What about your seedlings?

We have been really busy here and it will stick for a while, I think! Getting ready for winter. I have spent several hours raking leaves and various woodland debris out of the woods near the house over the past few days. Usually I get only so far every year. I think I need to bribe all of my friends' children to come over here and help, there are about 13 acres of woods to rake! :p (I do make a wicked pan of brownies.) Actually, most of my friends are a little younger than I am...time to bribe them, too...At least then I'd be sort of 'on par' and only have a year's worth to deal with next fall. Anyhow. The chickens get a lot of the leaves and some of debris, which is mostly tree bark. They run from the wheelbarrow but race toward that fresh pile of leaves!

Last week one of our friends' children fell very very ill and spent days at Children's hospital; it turns out she had a very rare form of encephalitis, poor thing! Thank God, she is now back home and doing well, considering. Very scary.

We have also had very low nighttime temps—high 30s—and had a stretch of brisk days in the 60s. The garden is slowing down...my squash plants look beautiful, but I don't think we'll get any fruit. *pout* Ah well, the blooms are pretty and make my bee friends happy. The temps are returning to normal, though! No frost yet. I'm surprised to read of some already for several of you, but it seems like one of those years! Considering the alternative was probably Godzilla contributing to localized temperature spikes, I guess we'll all take early frosts.

Happy...well, watching the garden, everybody!


Jan 24, 2008
It has never bloomed since I moved on here. I fed it with something that was supposed to make it bloom, but it didn’t work. It needs to go.
The most common reason for hydrangeas not flowering is pruning too far down, so if you want it to flower more than you want it to go, I can help you to identify the buds to save when you prune. You can see them as soon as it loses its leaves, and often before.

ETA: I guess in climates where summers are shorter, those buds might not form. Either way, we could check if you post a photo. They aren't flower buds in the normal sense, they are like fat leaf buds that the flowering shoots grow from.
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Dec 29, 2015
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Gues I probably should have asked earlier because I put them all sheet on floor put grow light on them I go turn them no not touching not quite 6 ft but they said they are not sick :plbb
I looking at 3 to 4 year old Pom mix he is sweet had a bad start to life owner was abusive first peron to got ahold of him stuck a fork in him ? like he was dinner ???
will pick him up like the 1st of October


Apr 23, 2019
Morning all.

Who would stick a fork in a puppy!?? :mad: I can't wait to see pics of him *hint hint*.

@Nightingale Jen I'm glad that poor child with encephalitis is doing better, that must have been scary. Yes, busy here too getting ready for winter, oh so much to do. But thankfully I don't have 13 acres to rake! :th

I dumped a bunch of tractor buckets of mulch up by the chicken runs. Unfortunately the tractor doesn't fit in the gate & my back is too bad to move it so DH is going to have to do it. I feel like a good, deep layer will be good for winter, at least they can scratch thru it even if it's frozen. Need to start thinking about putting plastic up on the small run, doing the fall cleaning of the coops & digging heated waterers out.

I have to go for a COVID test this am, wish me luck! A coworker tested positive & I spent a bunch of time with him. I have no symptoms so I'm hoping I have it so I can get it over with but not be sick. :D

Have a fantastic day!

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