What did you do in the garden today?


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Jul 24, 2014
WestOak, Nebraska
Gues I probably should have asked earlier because I put them all sheet on floor put grow light on them I go turn them no not touching not quite 6 ft but they said they are not sick :plbb
I looking at 3 to 4 year old Pom mix he is sweet had a bad start to life owner was abusive first peron to got ahold of him stuck a fork in him ? like he was dinner ???
will pick him up like the 1st of October
I loved my pomeranian. WTH does that to an animal?!?! Some people, argh.

National Alpaca Farm Days is this weekend. Find a Ranch near you that is open and visit!!!

Wee Farmer Sarah

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Oct 8, 2018
North Central Massachusetts
The most common reason for hydrangeas not flowering is pruning too far down, so if you want it to flower more than you want it to go, I can help you to identify the buds to save when you prune. You can see them as soon as it loses its leaves, and often before.

ETA: I guess in climates where summers are shorter, those buds might not form. Either way, we could check if you post a photo. They aren't flower buds in the normal sense, they are like fat leaf buds that the flowering shoots grow from.
I’ve never pruned it. It just doesn’t bud or bloom. Bonemeal didn’t work. It needs to go.


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Jul 24, 2014
WestOak, Nebraska
UGH. The dog is sick. Sorry in advance for the vent.
All I have done since she got here is physical therapy and chase a sick dog. I love her, but this is exhausting.
Double ear infection still from when they handed her over to me three weeks ago. Daily, twice a day treatment.
I had them check her glands when she was in the vet on Monday, since I don't think they've ever been checked, and even the Vet was grossed out. YUP. Bloody and infected, filled with black ooze.
So add a NEW ear medicine twice a day, plus a super antibiotic tablet once a day, PLUS two pain meds twice a day, PLUS physical therapy all day. I am frazzled.

Today she didn't run to eat breakfast and she refuses to take her meds in those little pill pockets, which she normally gobbles down like candy. So chasing her and tossing it down her throat it is. And her gut is gurgling. ARGH.

No WONDER she likes DH the best when he gets home at night. I have a call into the Vet...when a beagle won't eat..

+++++ garden wise

Hornworms are still out there nibbling away. Good grief.
I harvested enough smaller green tomatoes for two nice batched of fried green tomatoes. And picked enough green cherry tomatoes for 3 pints of Dirty Pickled Tomatoes for cocktails.

Probably almost 5 gallons of green white san marzano tomatoes out there. 35 pounds of red on the counter for processing. I have no motivation to do so.

Sorry about the whine.

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Sep 7, 2020
Afternoon all. Been crazy busy at work since the storm. Then chicks and dinner keeping me busy in the evenings. Starting some garlic sprouting to grow soon. @NightingaleJen my seedlings actually look like they are going to be ok. Hoping the actual seeds are ok too. @NewBoots that kitten is adorable and I'm not a kitty person. @WthrLady sorry the 🐕 is sick. I know how that is for sure. @penny1960 can't wait to see your new rescue. I know I love mine.

All of your advice has inspired me and I will be starting my compost pile soon. I told my husband in passing conversation and he just ignored it. My daughter made sure he heard it and he sure did. He is fine with it right now at least. Looking forward to gaining more knowledge because you all sound like the Gardners I aspire to be.

@Sueby wishing you well.


Jun 9, 2020
SW Michigan
I finally watered the garden today (I've been meaning to for at least 4 days:confused:). Lots of cherry tomatoes (for this season, at least) were ripe yesterday and today, and one little bell pepper was ready to be picked.

Trimmed the sad-looking calibrachoa I was given as a Godmother's day present. I'm hoping to bring it and the mums into the garage for the winter so they survive!

Have I mentioned how happy my marigolds are? I mean, just look at them!!!!!! They have been flowering constantly since spring, and the plants are huge! The nasturtiums are hiding in there somewhere, and seem happy, too.

The asparagus seems to finally have adjusted to being in bigger pots (I'm not terribly concerned if they don't make it this winter because they were an experiment and I have a lot more seeds), and are starting to thrive.

Well, I'm off to make some sweet tea and do some other chores (all indoors on this beautiful day:hit).


Nov 30, 2018
Lakeside, OR
I have to go for a COVID test this am, wish me luck! A coworker tested positive & I spent a bunch of time with him. I have no symptoms so I'm hoping I have it so I can get it over with but not be sick. :D
I will be crossing my fingers and toes!
I’ve never pruned it. It just doesn’t bud or bloom. Bonemeal didn’t work. It needs to go.
My mom had a hydrangea like that. It finally did bloom but just barely. She finally removed that one too. You don't have time for a plant that doesn't pay it's way in produce or beauty or better yet, both.
And you can complain as much as you need to @WthrLady, you certainly have enough to complain about.
All of your advice has inspired me and I will be starting my compost pile soon. I told my husband in passing conversation and he just ignored it.
Compost is very satisfying, and as long as you don't add meat, fat, and citrus you are golden. You will be making what you used to think of as waste into really useful soil. You can make it fast or slow depending on how much muscle you decide to bring to it. When I was much younger I did it the fast way, now I let time do the work for me and do it the slow way.

Well I'll be heading out soon to get canned kitten food shortly, Storming nearly chewed the nipple completely off the bottle so since mom would never have put up with that, she must be ready to eat solid food. She pooped last night in the litter box so that means she knows how that is done as well. A huge relief (heh) since I do know how to potty baby critters that need mom's help with that but would rather not have to. It rained an inch and a half here yesterday and more is expected tomorrow and the air is lovely and fresh.


Jun 9, 2020
SW Michigan
Well, I procrastinated on the indoor chores. Instead, I pruned my tomato plants because most of their leaves were yellow and spotty/dead, and some of the stems weren't doing anything. Some unripe tomatoes came inside with me, so I wrapped them in brown paper bag and put them in a layer in a different brown paper bag.

Then, I went inside to do my chores.

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Apr 19, 2018
Salisbury, North Carolina
Cloning/Cutting machine update. I have all the parts now. Spent most of the afternoon at Tru Value trying to rig up all the different air hose sizes because I bought my equipment from Amazon and went on their recommendations. All the different parts had different fitting sizes. I started on building it and got bored so I took a picture to post in here.

At first I was measuring out where all the holes could go to make it all even and nice then I realize I am never going to sell it so I just went to haphazardly drilling the 1 inch holes. I should get 70 or 80 holes. Every 2 weeks I can have 80 pepper plants ready for a small pot. Thats about how long I believe it takes for peppers to root, maybe it takes longer, not sure. But doing 80 at a time it can take all winter for all I care. I have a very heavy Industrial air pump, I have fiddled around with hydroponics before and I know that even the highest quality pet store air pumps will burn out in less than a year. For double the price I have one that could possibly last a very long time and have the rate of flow to do many hydroponic projects not that I am big on Hydroponics. I much prefer soil. Pepper cuttings are stubborn and I want to be able to replicate hybrid pepper plants. Tomatoes I will replicate too but I can do those in soggy vermiculite. You really can't see how its going to be assembled because the Humidity dome is not pictured. I replaced the broken clear plastic bin for that.


One of the by products of this project would be cheap washers. I use and reuse roofing screws to hold hardware cloth into place and often lose the washer. I can replace them with these which I have to remove from the hole saw. One small caveat, they rot in the sun so I can not use them on anything that comes in contact with the direct sunlight more than an hour a day.

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